The year of new opportunities

Last year Rao Nordic significantly expanded counterparties activities, increased imported volume, and considerably augmented domestic market coverage.

Cross-border trading

The cross-border trading department is responsible for importing power from Russia and selling it to the Nordic market, as well as managing import-related transmission contracts and physical power balances.


The origination department focuses on structured products trading in the Nordic and Baltic markets.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

RAO Nordic’s corporate governance is a set of rules and procedures for managing and controlling the company’s activities and corporate affairs in the best interests of all our stakeholders.

Operations development

In 2013 RAO Nordic has delivered in total 4,8 TWh of physical electricity (3,4 TWh in 2012) and traded over 19 TWh of financial contracts (35 TWh in 2012). The gross sales figure was EUR 222 million (EUR 157 million in 2012).