Jussi Räkköläinen
Jussi Räkköläinen
Chief Trader
tel. +358 9 773 81 522

The decision to start origination operations in RAO Nordic was made back in 2010. Within the past four years the company has achieved significant results in terms of developing this part of the business: a wide customer base has been created, and the product portfolio had been constantly expanded in accordance with the market demands. We have managed to create constant flow of the structured products in Finland and became one of the most active players in the domestic energy market.

Our portfolio includes energy-related commodities, such as Nordic power, EUA, Guarantees of Origins (GoO) and elcertificates among other financial and physical structured products.

As a result of revising our business strategy for the upcoming years, it has been decided to narrow down the origination operations and to concentrate on the activities related to cross-border trading between Russia and Nordic countries.